Canadian tax compliance obligations and tax residency status

Unsure of your Canadian tax obligations? We’ll help you determine if you need to file a tax return or pay income taxes in Canada.

Effect of immigration/emigration

Immigrating to or emigrating from Canada will impact your taxes. Get advice from a cross-border tax specialist to learn your obligations and simplify your move.

Applying for a Canadian tax ID number

In order to file your Canadian taxes, you may first need to apply for an individual tax number (ITN). We’ll help you navigate the forms and submit your application.

Canadian income tax return and disclosure form preparation

There are a number of reasons why you may have to file Canadian income tax returns. We can help with the preparation of tax returns and various forms.

Services related to foreign (non-Canadian) asset reporting on Canadian tax returns

If you’re a Canadian taxpayer with non-Canadian assets, we can help you assess and manage your obligations.

Services related to the rental or sale of Canadian real estate by non-residents

If you’re a non-resident, we can help you simplify the process of selling or renting Canadian real estate.

Foreign taxpayers doing business in Canada

We can help foreign individuals or entities doing business in Canada determine their tax compliance obligations, how best to structure their Canadian operations, and more.

Canadians doing business in the U.S.

We offer expert advice to Canadian residents operating businesses in the U.S., such as determining the best organizational structure for their operations.

Canadian payroll services

We offer payroll services to non-Canadian businesses with employees in Canada.

Transfer of retirement assets into Canada

For Canadian residents that have retirement assets in other countries, we can help determine whether it makes sense to move those assets to Canada or to leave them abroad.

Estate planning for individuals with cross-border assets or beneficiaries

We offer advice to families with a cross-border element to their estate planning — for example, beneficiaries living outside of Canada, real estate in other countries, and more.

Accounting for non-Canadian investment portfolios and rental properties

We can help Canadian residents with foreign investment and rental portfolios convert their non-Canadian tax information into a format useable for filing a Canadian tax return.

Jeremy has prepared our US & Canadians tax returns for the past two years. He is well informed in all areas of US & Canadian tax codes, rules & regulations. He has provided excellent service and is punctual. I would not use anybody else.

Kam, Nova Scotia

My overall experience with Unbordered Tax was outstanding! Their depth of knowledge on US-Canadian taxes and filing requirements was significantly better than anyone I had worked with before. In addition, the workflow they have set up for document transfer, booking quick calls, signing and reviewing is seamless and straightforward. I would highly recommend them!

Todd, Nova Scotia