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Get help determining your Canadian tax obligations.

You may wonder if you have Canadian tax obligations.

Canadian tax obligations can arise due to tax residency. You can become a tax resident of Canada based on either your ties to Canada (things like family, real estate, and employment) or based on the number of days you spend in Canada during the year. Sometimes the provisions of a tax treaty can override Canada’s tax law or that of another country in respect of tax residency. We can help you determine:

  • If you are a tax resident or non-resident
  • The date on which your residency status changed
  • Whether you are required to file a tax return or to pay income taxes to Canada

We can also assist you in obtaining a residency determination from the Canada Revenue Agency (Form NR73 or NR74) if needed.

You can also have Canadian tax obligations if you are a non-resident. If you have income from Canada, you will generally be subject to Canadian tax on that income. That tax may need to be withheld by the payor or you may need to file a tax return to pay the tax. We can help you to file the right paperwork and to pay the appropriate amount of tax.

Where you are trying to decide between different courses of action, we can advise you on how a decision will impact your Canadian tax obligations.

To learn your tax obligations, please reach out to an Unbordered tax specialist.