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Make your Canadian business operations frictionless.

If you are a foreign individual or entity doing business in Canada, we can assist you in determining the best organizational structure to use for your Canadian operations.

We can determine your Canadian tax compliance obligations regarding income tax, goods and services tax and payroll. We can also complete and submit any tax returns required because of your business activity. (Note – we may need to subcontract financial statement preparation to another CPA firm if you need assistance in this area.)

Regulation 105 of the Canadian Income Tax Regulations requires Canadian payors to withhold and remit 15% withholding tax in respect of services income of non-resident vendors. Where your business is subject to this Regulation 105 withholding but eligible for tax treaty-based exemptions from Canadian tax withholding, we can apply to the Canada Revenue Agency for the necessary waivers to avoid the withholding obligation.

Contact an Unbordered cross-border tax specialist if you’re looking to streamline your Canadian operations.