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Payroll services for non-Canadian businesses with employees in Canada.

While cross-border payroll may be complicated, Unbordered can make the process much simpler. We offer payroll services to non-Canadian businesses with employees in Canada. This includes the following situations:

  • Businesses sending non-resident employees to Canada to work on projects for a limited time
  • Businesses with Canadian employees (e.g. a Canadian resident salesperson) but no separate Canadian operating entity (like a Canadian subsidiary)
  • Businesses hiring or retaining an employee who has made a lifestyle decision to work remotely from Canada

We can advise on the Canadian payroll obligations of the business and complete the necessary Canadian tax compliance. We can also assist with the calculation, deduction, and remittance of income and social security tax withholdings to the Canada Revenue Agency.

If your non-Canadian business requires payroll services to pay employees in Canada, please reach out to an Unbordered specialist.